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Dim Sum - Bun With Oyster Sauce BBQ Pork


Putonghua : cha xao bao

Ingredients For Filling
Fat-lean BBQ Pork  300 g             2"x 2" Pain Paper  some

Oyster Sauce  3 tbsp              Sesame Oil  1/2 tbsp           Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp
Dark Soy Sauce  1 tbsp               Sugar  3 tbsp              Water  150 ml             Salt  1/2 tbsp

Thickening For Sauce
Water Chestnut Powder  1/2 tbsp          Water  4 tbsp

Materials For Dough
Flour  500 g             White Vinegar  1/2 tbsp             Sugar  1 tbsp            Lard   1 tbsp
Baking Flour  3 tbsp            Ammonia Carbonate  1/4 tbsp               Water  200 ml

1) Sift flour and baking flour well
2) Add 1 tbsp of water to Ammonia Carbonate, mix well
3) Add sugar, lard, vinegar and AC solution into a large bowl, mix well
4) Pour in 200ml of water, mix well, then add the mixed flour in
5) Mix the flour and solution by hand and form wet water-shape paste
6) Pour out paste onto table, press and roll it to form smooth and soft paste
7) Cover the paste by wet cloth for 15 minutes, press and roll few minutes
8) Cover the paste by wet cloth for 30 minutes again
9) Chop the BBQ pork into tiny dices
10) Heat wok with 2 tbsp of oil, pour in pork dices, stir fry, add sauce
11) Stir fry until boil, add thickening and stir well, dish up, cool for use
12) Divide dough into small portions, press into flatten shape
13) Put in some dough, then make it into bun shape, stick paper on the bottom
14) Put the bun into a steam case, keep 1 inch of space by each bun
15) Steam buns in high heat for 10 minute, serve

tbsp - table spoon
So complicated, but taste nice....
If you can make it well, it's a good idea of a new business......^^
If the buns' size is small, steam only at 8 minutes.
BBQ pork of above mentioned is Hong Kong Style BBQ pork, in red colour.
Water Chestnut Flour can be instead by Cornflour.

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