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Dim Sum - Crispy Beancurd Shim Roll


Putonghua : zu za fu pi guan

Shelled Small Shrimps  300g                Cod  300g                  Dry Black Mushroom  4 pcs
Mashed Fat-lean Pork  400g                 Mashed Ginger  1 tbsp                 Shredded Carrot 2 tbsp
Chopped Spring Onion  1 stalks                Soft Beancurd Shim sheets  5 sheets               Egg  1 pc

Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp                Salt  1 tbsp                Shaoxing Wine  1/2 tbsp
Pepper Powder  1/3 tbsp                  Cornflour  1 tbsp                      Oil  1/2 tbsp

1) Soak dry black mushroom, remove stalks and mince
2) Remove bone of the cod, cut and mash into paste form
3) Add shell shrimps, all chopped spring onion, shredded black mushroom
4) Add mashed fat-lean pork and ginger, shredded carrot, then stir well
5) Pour in seasoning and 2 tbsp of water, marinate for 15 minutes
6) Heat wok with 2 tbsp of oil, stir fry all until materials cooked and dry
7) Dish up and whisk the egg well, cut beancurd into square 18x18 cm
8) Put one small beancurd shim on flat surface, as a rhomb
9) Add some fried material on center and make it into a long shape
10) Pack the shim from the bottom corner to the central, cover all materials
11) Then left and right, roll the packed materials "upwards" until well rolled
12) Stuck the upper edge by whisked egg, finish packing steps
13) Heat wok with plenty of oil, pour in packed rolls when oil is hot
14) Stir the frying rolls until rolls turn into golden, dish up and serve

tbsp - table spoon
Beancurd Shim sheets can be purchased in any Chinese dry food shop.
Serve with cestershire sauce, red vinegar or Thai Sweet Spicy sauce, taste better.

If you don't like fat-lean pork, you can consider Mashed chicken leg meat.
You can consider any other ingredients of rolls, just to try and make your favourite.
You can use the oven or Halogen Pot to make these food, but deep fry is better...
This recipe also can be considered as a steamed Dim-sum, also very nice.

You can make more rolls, keep rolls by frozen and just deep fry them as you need to serve.

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