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Swamp Eel Chowder


Putonghua : huang shan geng


Ingredients  ( for 4 persons )
Swamp Yellow Eel  600 g             Lean Pork  150 g            Dry Black Fungus  50 g  
Dry Black Mushroom  5 pcs         Shredded Lemon Leaves  2 tbsp           Shredded Ginger  1 tbsp
Chopped Parsley 2 tbsp          Chicken Stock  1000 ml         Shaoxing Wine  1/2 tbsp

Salt  1 tbsp         Pepper  some          Sesame Oil  1 tbsp          Dark Soy Sauce  1/2 tbsp
Light Soy Sauce  1/2 tbsp            Water Chestnut Powder  3 tbsp           Water  1 tbsp

1) Remove swamp eel's bones, washed by hot boiled water, shred
2) Soak black fungus and black mushroom until soft, shred
3) Clean lean pork, shred
4) Heat wok with 3 tbsp of oil, add in shredded eel and stir fry
5) Add in Shaoxing wine, then pour in chicken stock
6) When soup is boiled, add in shredded mushroom, fungus and pork
7) Keep stirring and cook for 5 minutes, add in shredded ginger and lemon leaves
8) Keep stirring and cook for 5 minutes in low heat, add in seasoning
9) Cook for 2 minutes, sprinkle chopped parsley, serve

tbsp - table spoon 

Option of Hong Kong Style Snake Chowder :
  ~ Frozen Snake 1000g (with no skin) to replace eel, and 200g of Chicken meat to replace pork
  ~ Chop snake into short sections, approx. 8-10cm long,
  ~ Heat approx. 1500ml of water, boiled snake for 45 minutes by low heat
  ~ Then boil chicken meat for 15 minute with the snake boiling water
  ~ Remove the bone of the snake, shred it, then shred the chicken meat
  ~ Add in 1/2 tbsp of chicken powder to the shredded meat, mix well
  ~ Do the same steps from 4 to 9 .......
  ~ Better to serve this soup with some white chrysanthemum leaves
  ~ You can use the snake and chicken boiling water to replace the chicken stock, better taste
  ~ To make this soup better, please add in 3-4 slices of ginger to the snake boiling water
  ~ If you can purchase difference type of snake meat, choose at least 3 types.
  ~ Very good cuisine in the cold winter ..... if you accept to eat snake !!!!!
  ~ If you have tried this in Hong Kong, you always miss it !!!!!

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