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Fried Noodle With Shrimps


Putonghua : xia yin cao mian

Ingredients  (for 4 persons)
Guangdong Egg Fried Noodle  500 g              Shelled Shrimps  300 g             Celery  1 stalk
Dry Black Fungus 15 g           Greenbean Sprout  some           Yellow Chive  some

Seasoning 1
Salt 1 tbsp          Light Soy Sauce  1/2 tbsp          Oil  2 tbsp

Seasoning 2
Salt  1/3 tbsp           Shaoxing Wine  2 tbsp           Cornflour  1 tbsp

Stock  2 cups           Salt and sugar each  1/3 tbsp          Light Soy Sauce  2 tbsp         Cornflour  1 tbsp

1) Soak the Guangdong fried noodle by hot water until soft, stir into dispersed
2) Drain, soak for 5 minutes by cold water, then make it dry
3) Add seasoning 1, stir well by hands
4) Clean and soak shrimps by salt water for 30 minutes
5) Drain shrimps and add seasoning 2, marinate for 15 minutes
6) Chop celery into small pieces
7) Soaked the dry Black Fungus until soft, tear into small pieces
8) Heat wok with 5 tbsp of oil, stir fry the noodle with wood chopsticks
9) Turn in middle heat and stir fry well until noodle turn into golden and crispy
10) Dish up fried noodle into 4 sets on dishes
11) Add 2 tbsp of oil to wok, stir fry shrimps in middle heat, dish up
12) Add Chopped celery, sprouts, chives and black fungus, pour in sauce
13) Add fried shrimps when sauce is boiled, pour over noodle each dish, serve

tbsp - table spoon
Shrimps can be replaced by sliced Pork or chopped Rips, just change materials of :
   ~ green and red chili (chopped) replace black fungus and celery,
   ~ then, add some minced preserved black beans,
   ~ do the same way as above mentioned except step 4.
Otherwise, you can make a choice of Beef with Black Pepper / Onion / Green Chili....

This may be one seperated recipe without fried oodle :

This recipes specially requested by sponsor MARK TYLER from Texas

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