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Deep Fried Pork Ribs With Red Beancurd Cheese


Putonghua : nan yu suan xiang gu


Large Red Beancurd Cheese  1 pc           Fat Pork Ribs 500 g           Ginger 3 slices
Spring Onion 3 stalks          Minced Garlic  5 tbsp        Shaoxing Wine 1/2 tbsp

Seasoning 1
Sugar  3 tbsp          Shaoxing Wine 2 tbsp

Seasoning 2
Egg White  2 pc         Starch  3 tbsp

1) Steam the red beancurd cheese for 5 minutes, mince and mix as paste
2) Add in seasoning 1 to paste and mix again, as marinate sauce
3) Wash pork ribs, cut into short sections (approx. 6 cm),
4) Marinate pork ribs with sauce of step (2) for 2 hours
5) Shred the ginger and spring onion, chop garlic into minced dices
6) Whisk egg white, mixed with seasoning 2, for further use
7) Heat wok, coat marinated ribs with seasoning 2 then put into boiled oil
8) Turn into middle heat and deep fry the pork ribs until nearly cooked
9) Turn into high heat and deep fry the ribs for a while, dish up
10) Heat wok with 1 tbsp of oil, add shredded ginger and spring onion
11) Add in mince garlic, stir fry for a while, add deep fried ribs
12) Stir fry well, sprinkle some shaoxing wine, dish up and serve 

tbsp - table spoon
Red Beancurd cheese sold in Chinese dry food shop,
              - bottled small size red beancurd cheese must be used more than 3 pcs...
Very nice to serve as snack with cold beer....
Also consider to serve in cold dish....but I like it's wonderful taste in hot !!!


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