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Stir Fried Rice With Shrimps And Chicken


Putonghua : long feng chao fan

Ingredients    for 2 persons
Shell-off small Shrimps  80 g               Chicken Meat  80 g                Cold Rice  500 g                   Egg  2 pcs

Seasoning For Shrimps
Salt  1 tbsp                 Pepper Powder  1 tbsp             Cornflour  1/2 tbsp

Seasoning For Chicken Meat
Salt  1 tbsp                 Light Soy Sauce  1/2 tbsp                Conflour  1/3 tbsp

Sauce For Shrimps 1
Tomato  1/2 pc                    Ketchup  3 tbsp               Water  2 tbsp                Sugar  1/2 tbsp          
Salt  1/3 tbsp             Cornflour  1 tbsp

Sauce For Chicken Meat 2
Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp                     Dry Preserved Black Bean  5-10 pcs             Water  4 tbsp 
Salt  1/3 tbsp             Cornflour  2 tbsp

1) Wash shrimps and chicken meat, chop chicken meat into small slices, marinated by seasoning seperately
2) Wash and soak dry preserved black bean for 10 minutes, then chop and mince, mix well with sauce 2
3) Whisk egg, and heat wok with 2 tbsp of oil, add in cold rice, stir fry until rice turn soft and dry
4) Add in whisked egg to rice, stir fry gently until egg is spreadly cooked and rice turn dry, dish up
5) Heat wok again with 1 tbsp of oil, add in shrimps, stir fry quickly in high heat, few seconds
6) Chop tomato into small piece then add in wok, stir fry until shrimps cooked, tomato turn soft
7) Add in sauce 1, stir fry until tomato totally cooked, pour onto fried-rice, at one half side
8) Clean wok and heat by 1 tbsp of oil, add in chicken meat slices, stir fry quickly for 1 minutes
9) Add in sauce 2, stir fry gently until solution is boiled, pour onto fried-rice, the other side, serve

tbsp - table spoon
This is a little complicated, but it was one very famous Chinese cuisine in USA, in the past days.

Specially requested by Mr. Samual J. Freeman, San Francisco


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