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Dim Sum - Steamed Softly Layer Cakes


Putonghua : qian zeng gao

Ingredients  Of Filling
Preserved Salty Egg Yolk  10 pcs             Fine Sugar  120 ml          Custard Powder  80 ml
Cornflour  10 tbsp                 Soft Butter  200 g               Fried Pine Nut  100 g

Ingredients   Of Pastry
Flour 400 g             Fine Sugar 120 ml           Baking Powder  1 tbsp               Lard  1 tbsp

1) Steam salty egg yolk 10 minutes in high heat, add in bowl, press and mash by spoon, save 2 tbsp for use
2) Add in all ingredients of filling, mix and rub by hand, to make minced dry filling dough, divide into 3
3) Sift the flour and baking powder into a large container, add in 120 ml of water
4) Mix and rub by hand to make soft dough, then add in sugar and lard, rub to make mix well
5) Locate a small square metal tray (has no base) into a steam case, put in a piece of transparent paper
6) Brush thin oil onto paper, divide soft pastry dough into 4 pieces, flatten to make thin sheets
7) Place the first pastry sheet inside metal tray, cover pastry by adding a layer of filling dough
8) Cover on the second pastry sheet, then add in the filling dough, repest to make 6 layers
9) Cover the last pastry sheet, brush on some little cold water on its surface
10) Sprinkle the saved salty egg yolk mash and some pine nuts on the surface
11) Cover Steam case lid, steam the cake in high heat for 30 minutes
12) Take away steam case, then take away the metal tray and wait for 2-3 minutes
13) Cut the cake into 4 pieces, serve during the cake is still hot

tbsp - table spoon
Do not cut the cake immediately while it is very hot, the filling will flow out and pastry will be tore. 


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