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Steam Grass-Carp Belly With Preserved Salty Egg


Putonghua : xian dan zheng ran yu pian

Grass Carp Belly  400 g       Preserved Salty Egg  2 pcs         Spring Onion  1 stalk          Pepper Powder  some

Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp             Sugar  2 tbsp              Water  1 tbsp

1) Wash grass carp belly, remove all squamous, keep the skin, cut into thumb size, wrap dry by paper
2) Marinate carp belly by pepper powder, place on a flat plate, skin at down-size, arrange in solar pattern
3) Remove dark ashly mud and dirt of preserved salty eggs, wash them cleanly, remove shells
4) Cut egg yulk into 2 halves, place the half egg yolk into the center of carp belly solar pattern
5) Chop the other 1 and a half egg yolks into tiny dices and minces, dish up for use
6) Add 1 tbsp of cornflour, stir the egg white until sticky, brush onto the carp belly 2 times
7) Slightly add in the egg white solution onto space of plate surface, between the carp belly fingers
8) Sprinkle minced egg yolk onto the carp belly fingers, steam 10 minuts by medium heat by a steam case
9) Chop spring onion into tiny pieces, then sprinkle onto and cover the plate, add in sauce gently
10) Heat wok with  4-6 tbsp of oil, sprinkle hot oil onto the plate, serve

11) Option : if you do not like the solar pattern, just arrange as normal....

tbap - table spoon
You can consider other parts of grass carp, but belly is much more soft and juicy.
You can also consider other kinds of lake fish or river fish, but no sea fish.
Beware the fish-bone hidden inside the belly.......


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