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Pepper Soup With Pig Stomach


Putonghua : hu jao zhu du tang


Freezen Pig Stomach  1 pc           White Pepper  10-12 tbsp            Black Pepper  3 tbsp
Potherb Sweet Leaf Gabbage  150 g              Red Pepper & Green Pepper  1/2 pc each
Fresh Ginkgo  10-15 pcs

Salt  1 tbsp            Sugar  1/2 tbsp           Chicken Powder 3 tbsp

1) Wash pig stomach by cool water after melting soft, cut one size make into one large flat piece
2) Add in 5 tbsp of salt, then message whole pig stomach 15 minutes by salt, marinate for 30 minutes
3) Wash away the salt coating, repeat step 2nd again, then wash away salty coating
4) Heat wok with water, add in salty pig stomach and cook for 5 minutes, drain up pig stomach
5) Cut away the white fat coating of pig stomach detailly, wash away all dirt
6) Chop red pepper and green pepper into 3cm square, remove stalks of ginkgo
7) Put white and black pepper into small bag, hit to slightly crush by a small hammer
8) Heat large clay pot by 2 litters of water, chop potherb sweet leaf gabbage in long size then add in
9) Add in white and black papper while water is boiled, stir well, then add in pig stomach
10) Boil the soup 30 minutes in high heat, then add in ginkgo, cover the lid, turn into low heat
11) Cook for 30 minutes, take away the pig stomach, add in seasoning into soup, stir well
12) Chop the pig stomach into small pieces, add in to soup with chopped red & green pepper
13) Cook the soup for more few minutes, bowl up to personally serve 

tbsp - table spoon
Please don't feel ugly about the inner organ, it's one very nice soup of Chaozhou Style


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