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Rice In Soup Of Duck Leg

Putonghua : ya tui tang feng

Ingredients   for 1 person
Duck Leg  1 pc          Dry Old Citrus Peel  1 peel           Dry Black Mushroom  2 pcs 
Chinese Parsley  2 stalks             Shredded Ginger  some           White Rice  1 bowl

Light Soy Sauce  1 tbsp             Chicken Powder  1 tbsp             Sugar  1/2 tbsp

1) Wash Duck Leg then marinate by seasoning for 20 minutes
2) Soak dry black mushroom and citrus peel until soft, remove stalk of dry mushroom
3) Chop Chinese Parsley into short stalks, shredd soaked citrus peel in tiny
4) Heat wok with 5 tbsp of oil, fry both size of duck leg (deep-fry is better) become golden
5) Heat small pan with 600ml of water, add in soak mushroom, shredded citrus peel
6) Add in fried duck leg when water is boiled, cover lid and turn into very low heat
7) Cook soup for 30 minutes in very low heat, then add in chopped parsley and shredded ginger
8) Add in 1 tbsp of chicken powder, 1 tbsp of salt & the seasoning soup, over led again, keep in low heat
9) Cook for more 15-20 minutes, pour all soup and ingredients into a big bowl, serve with rice

10) Or, directly pour all soup and ingredients into a big bowl which rice is added, serve ....

tbsp - tablespoon
Dry old citrus peel can be purchased in Chinese food store, black or deep brown colour is better.
Double or triple the ingredients for persons to serve, but serve it seperately and personally.
The soup can be served with any kind of Chinese noodle, but white rice is the best.
You can use Chinese Toasted Duck, leg or chest meat, taste will a little changed.
Adding 2 small stalks Flowering Chinese Cabbage at lastest 2 minutes.....
The rice is better cool and dry, little hard, serving with soup good....

This recipe is specially requested by Laara Hillman, Califonria USA


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