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Steamed The Four Colour Eggs


Putonghua : shi xe jing dan

Eggs  large Size  4 pcs                 Preserved Salted Egg   1 pc              Preserved Black Egg   1 pc
Chicken Stock   same vol to egg                    Light Soy Sauce  2 tbsp                Peanut Oil 3 tbsp
Chopped Spring Onion And Red Pepper   some

1) Remove all dirt cover of preserved eggs, wash preserved eggs shell and make sure they are clean
2) Boil preserved salted egg 10 minutes in hot water until fully cooked, shell doesn't broken
3) Remove shell of cooked salted egg until cool, take out yolk carefully, cut into 4 quaters, stick back
4) Slice solid cooked egg white into very very thin sheets, cover coat on a large flat bottom dish
5) Whisk well the eggs, add in same volume of chicken stock and 5-7 tbsp of water, mix well
6) Pour the whisked egg into dish gently which are covered by salty eggs white sheets
7) Put inside a large steam case, steam the egg in low to medium heat when water is boiled
8) Remove shell of preserved dark egg, cut into 6 or 8 or 10 pcs, each contain yolk
9) Steam for approx. 8 minutes until egg is steamed semi-solid or 70% cooked
10) Put the cooked salted egg yolk into center of steaming egg, gently, half sunked into egg
11) Put the preserved dark egg arranging circle surrounding to the egg yulk, make it pretty
12) Keep steaming for 3-5 minutes more until egg is 95% cooked, take away from steam case
13) Heat pan with 3 tbsp of oil, pour heat oil onto the steamed egg, add in light soy sauce
14) Sprinkle the chopped spring onion and red pepper, serve

tbsp - table spoon
- Put the steam case in only AFTER the steaming water is boiled !!!
- Using glass lid of steam case during steaming - you can inspect the eggs and make it's surface more smooth
- Steaming time and temperature are very important to the result !!


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