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Doufu is the most popular, but very special ingredient of Chinese recipes.

It's difficult to purchase fresh doufu on the pasted days, but nowaday it is much more easier to find the well-packed fresh doufu in the supermarket, which imported from Hong Kong or China.

Many many kinds of recipes made by doufu....stir fry, deep fried, boiled, cold dish....

Cooked together with other ingredients, doufu makes so many wonderful Chinese food ! 

Soft kind - this is good for making cold dish, and steaming recipes.

Medium kind - very good for fry and cook, like MaPoDouFu.

Hard kind - for deep fried recipes, also stir fried food.

Dry spicied kind - best to mix with vegetable and spicy meat, or for BBQ.

Deep-fried puffs kind - good for BBQ, or soup, Buddas dishes or juicy sauced recipes.

Dry doufu sheet rolls kind - usually uesd for Bubbas dishes, also can make delicious juicy sauced recipes with other ingredients like roasted-pork or lamb or salted-pork, etc., sometimes for soup with potatoes and ribs.

Doufu sheet roll kind - same doufu product as above mentioned, but these are made fresh and soft

Deep-fried doufu sheet roll kind - same to above mentioned 2 kind, and these are deep-fried crispy ones, not suitable to make soup, but usually be enjoy by Chinese hot-pot dinner, any place in China and Hong Kong.

Doufu Dry Sheet kind - usually be used to make sweet soup and dessert, or congee.

.Doufu deep-fried balls kind - it used to make buddas dished, vegetarian food, and major by Chinese style hot-pot dinner.


Salty Preserved Kind - Chinese cheese style, Pasted on white bread, mixed with rice, fry with chicken meat or water spinach......amazing taste it is !!


Salty Preserved Kind - Chinese red cheese style, a major kind of seasoning for Chinese cuisine, stir fry with chicken, buddish diets, pig's hand, fry rice......


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