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Dining Tool and Manner


Not same to the people living in western area, Chinese used to have their dinner together with all the family members, sitting around a table and each person will have one set of dining tool in front of them, including two bowls (sometimes only one bowl) which one for rice and another for soup, one table spoon, one pairs of chopsticks and one plate for meat / vegetable.

They will share the food dishes which were made and put into the central of table, diners will only pick up the food themselves from the dished which they want to eat.

The diners will pick some food and place into the small plate in front of them.


There are special behaviors of Chinese diners.....

Chinese diners usually do not pick up rice from the bowl but will handle the bowl towards their lips then poke the rice into their mouths by the chopsticks.

If you are invited to join a dinner, the host always picking food into your small dish with their chopsticks...

Please don't mind if this happened, the host just want to show his/her friendship and welcome to you.
If the food picked to you make you feeling bad, just speak to the host, or leave it on your dish, it's okay.

During a dining party or hosted by one, sometimes you are invited to drink a lot of wine...

This is a very good but also very bad behavior about Chinese dining.....
Chinese host will try to make you drunk during the dinner, just show off his hot welcome to you only.
It's okay to refuse if you do not drink wine (bear) or you cannot drink too much.

There are somethings impolited please never do while you having meal with Chinese :

   ~ Never stick the chopsticks into bowl of rice then leave your fingers
   ~ Do not tab the chopsticks onto an empty bowl that making sound
   ~ Do not point to the others  faces with the chopsticks held on fingers
   ~ Never turn over the fish to have the another side while one side is done

Why don't do that ?

Uh..... ^^


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