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Chinese soup 

Chinese people like to have soup......

There are 3 main types : varies vegetable with meat, herb medicine, and chowder.....

The vegetable soup with meat is a kind about the behavior of the farming society. Mostly all the members of a farmer family (planting or animal raising) who need to work in the field very early and hardly but go back home very late a day. The housewife cannot have many time to make meal in details and also they needed to re-fill their energy by food, so, to make soup with vetetable and some meat is the most convenience quickly method.

Nowaday the people only to have the soup and then drop away the dregs, however, the dregs of soup (vegetable and meat) was a very propular main dish in the farming society which always served with light soy sauce.  

The herb soup is sometimes a medicine soup mainly for the supplementary to health purpose (not to treat for illness) that ones whose bodies are weak or tired or other something wrong, such as, the ginseng soup, pseude-ginseng soup, ginger soup, arrowroot soup, and etc.

There are so many of this kind, maybe quoted by soup recipes, but not listed here.....

The chowder soup is not propular in the ancient farming society just this type only served to the royal's members, dining parties of government officers / richmen. This type is made very refinement and tasty, always by very expensive ingredients such as shark fins, bird's nest, sea cucumber, bear paw, or detailly made by chef who need to spend a whole day only for a bowl....


Of course it becomes so propular nowaday, and there are more nice chowder recipes available all over China (the world) made by common ingredients such as egg, doufu, fish, chicken..... and becomes more easier with difference morden cooking tools.

There is a specal but propular soup cuisine in Chinese resturant, that is, Guangdong Stewed Style soup.

Chinese (Guangdong) people make their soup with common ingredients, vegetable or gourd or root with meat which always be cooked for 3 hours or more. It is because, Chinese people believe that all the favourite goodness of ingredients will be solved inside the soup after cooked for hours, and then people will easier to get these by having soup.

Is it correct ? I am not sure, but I agree that, the stewed soup is greatly delicious !!!!

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