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Minced dace


This is one common but special ingredient of Guangdong home style recipes.

To make minced dace......

Fresh Dace Meat 300 g, mince it, put into a large size container, add in seasoning ( Chopped Spring Onion 3 tbsp, Light Soy Sauce 1/2 tbsp,  Salt 2 tbsp,  Pepper some,  Cornflour 3 tbsp,  Water 2 tbsp), press and mix well by hand, pick up by hand then throw back into container, repeat the throwing approx. 10-15 times until formed sticky dough.

To use a spoon forming small fish balls ( ping-pong size), deep fried, wow.....

To add in minced lotus root, some more conflour, mix well then fried.....

Stuffed the dace dough into chilli / pepper, sliced eggplant, sliced lotus root, bitter gourd..... deep fried, add some light soy sauce,  serve.

To fry the dough into flat large button.....

Slice the dace meat button, stir fry with other vegetables, fish sauce and sliced ginger......

Add in more conflour ( 3 tbsp) amd water ( 3 tbsp) into dace dough, stir well by a stick, place on a flat plate.

Boil fish soup 400 ml, add in shredded ginger into soup, scrape dace dough into soup to form pin noodle by a spoon, add in some shredded lattuce after fish pins are cooked floating, serve with sesame oil and pepper powder..

To add in more conflour ( 5 tbsp ) and water (10-15 tbsp) into dace dough, stir and mix well to form very soft dough, put into a triangle plastice bag ( cream bag )....

Press the dace dough into boiled fish ( seafood ) soup, make fish noodle in special recipe

Three is a very special cuisine about dace dough, Guangdong Shunde Style....

This is, to inlay the dace dough fully into a whole dace body ( head and tail still there ) which 90% meat and all bones are already token out, deep fry the whole dace in very low heat, take it out when dace become golden colour, then deep fry again 1 minute in high heat, dace becomes crispy, then slice to serve.

It's so complicated, but taste very nice.....

This is a home-style cuisine of a Shunde's family.


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