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Noodle - Southern Rice Style II


There are some rice noodle that perhaps you have not heard about, but it is so nice and delicious.

These types of rice noodle do have their special favour and charector, hope you will like.

Pin Rice Noodle :

It has another name which is no good, terrible : Rat Noodle.....

It is because, this rice noodle look like the mustache of the rat......^^

By the way, it is very good taste, stir fry with shredded BBQ pork and dark soy sauce :

All kinds of the noodle, any style,suitable for stir fry and in soup, both good and delicious :

The Daintly Rice Noodle :

This is a type so daintly, mostly served with BBQ meats in Guangdong and Hong Kong :

Of course, there are stir fried style cuisine, with shredded BBQ pork or other kind of meat :

The Rope Rice Vermicelli :

This rice vermicelli also available in supermarket in dry package :

The most famous cuisine of this kind, Yunnan style, Over-Bridge rope rice vermicelli :

There is another famous cuisine of rope rice vermicelli, in the fish soup :

There are so many many difference recipes about these rice noodle....

I will try to make it available on the web, later.....


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