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Noodle - Southern Rice Style


Besides of rice, noodle is the other major food in China, even in South East Asia.

Guangdong style noodle mainly made of flour with egg, and also rice flour.....

Ribbon Rice Noodle :

This is the major type of rice noodle, mainly in Southern China and Asia. It is made freshly from factory, and also available supply in dry package type.

Most of the people know that, the famous cuisine of ribbin rice noodle is stir fry with beef and dark soy sauce :

Another famous Hong Kong Cuisine of ribbon rice noodle, stir fry with pepper and rib dices :

By the way, the ribbon rice noodle served in soup is so popular, available in Yuntuan shops :

Rice Vermicelli :

It is the same popular as ribbon rice noodle, major ingredients food of Southern China and Asia. The most famous cuisine of this, it is the stir fry vermicelli in Singapore Favour :

It is so popular in resturant in Guangdong and Hong Kong, stewed rice vermicelli with shredded pork :

Same to stewed style, rice vermicelli served in soup with shredded BBQ duck meat and salted mustard is very popular cuisine in Guangdong and Hong Kong, nice and delicious :

Same to ribbon rice noodle, rice vermicelli also available in Yuntuan shops :

Have you try these rice noodle ??

I guess, you have tried them, at least ten times !


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