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Noodle - Guangdong Egg Style II


Besides of the Guangdong egg noodle which served in the Yuntuan noodle shops, there are some other styles.

The Stir Fry Noodle :

This style is same to the popular one but in bigger size, sometimes chef make this by adding dark soy sauce for good colouring. To make cuisine, firstly to soak the noodle by warm water until noodle soft, then stir fry the noodle in dark soy sauce, green bean sprout and spring onion :

Sometimes, we will add some other ingredient inside, such as cuttle fish :

Normally, you cna order the fried noodle in resturant which made with shredded pork and green bean sprout, this the noodle deep-fried until crispy, then pouring on stir fry pork in sauce :

The E-fu Noodle :

The noodle is nade then deep-fried, generally we make cuisine in stew style together with assorted mushroom and oyster sauce :

Otherwise, we will make this noodle in chicken soup, with seafood and vegetable :

This is a very famous HK recipe, to make this noodle with Pawn and cheese, in chicken soup :

The Oil Rope Noodle :

This noodle is made and supply in fresh, soft, the chef of HK resturant usually make cuisine in stir fry with dark soy sauce (or special paste and sauce), with some shredded meat and green bean sprout :

There is some new cuisine about this noodle, one is, to serve mixed sauce and ingredients, in cool :

Same to other style egg noodle, this will be served in soup, any types ingredients, such as seafood :

There are so many recipes about noodle, and they are very good, nice......

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