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Noodle - Guangdong Egg Style


Noodle is one major food of Chinese......

Guangdong Egg noodle is very famous style that most of the noodle shops in China Town are in this type, that is, Yuntuan or Fish-balls noodle shops, chefs mainly from Guangdong or Hong Kong.

There are many kinds of Guangdong noodles, here just to describe about the ones made of duck-eggs.

This is the most popular one :

Sometimes it is made in flat type :

There is a kind made with shrimp eggs :

A special type was created few years before, with spinach sauce :

The noodle are made as dry, and well packed in containers or individual bags, for convenience sale in supermarket.

There are 2 ways to make these noodle to serve at home, very simple :

First one is, just boil 200ml of water, add in noodle when water is boiled, then add in 1/2 tbsp of chicken powder, 1/3 of salt, 1 tbsp of light soy sauce, some pepper powder, some peanut oil (or adding some dry shrimps), bowl up while noodle become soft and loosen, together with soup. Perhaps you don't have this in soup, dish up then adding some oyster sauce, it's also delicious.

Second on is, if you purchased any frozen ingredients such as shrimp dumpling, fish ball, beef ball......heat pot with 200 ml of water, add in any one frozen ingredient and sauce powder (if any), boil 2 minutes, bowl up ingredients, add in noodle and cook until soft and loosen, bowl up with soup then serve. If forzen ingredients have no sauce powder, just use some chicken powder, salt, pepper powder and light soy sauce.....

You can find many noodle shops in Guangdong, Hong Kong or Chinatown :


There are so many difference favours, shrimp dumpling, fish ball, beef ball, beef tendenloin, ox organs, etc., served in soup or with oyster sauce :

The cuisines above shown those cooked and sold in noodle shops are using noodle fresh made daily, some difference to the ones described on the begining of this page. And also, all other ingredients such as shrimp dumpling, beef ball, fish ball, stewed meat are all made freashly and daily.

If you try once, you will love these very much......

I'm sure that, really......^^

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