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Guangdong Roasted Cuisines


Guangdong Roasted cuisines (Hong Kong Styles) are so famous all over the world, you can see the roasted meats shops every where in Hong Kong, Guangdong and in any China Town.

BBQ Pork In Honey Sauce

This is the most popular one everyone knows if he/she like the Chinese cuisine.....

This is very nice of fat-lean one that with a little over-burnt....it can be directly served with rice, noodle, beer, or tea. It can also be one ingredient to make other recipes, stir fry with groud, vegetable, or to stir fry with rice, of course, it is so famous of dim sum BBQ Pork Bun.

Crispy Roasted Pork

It is to make by one whole pig body putting into a big oven normally (you can make this in small piece by a light-wave cooking pot) then divided into many parts for sales. The picture above shown the main parts of body with fat layers that is very good in taste, served with some mustard sauce.

This roasted Pork can make other recipes when the crispy skin become hard and strength, for example, to braise with bitter gourd, or white groud, or doufu.

The other parts such as hand, foot, head, ears, bone-meat..... it tastes good and serve with beer. Moreover, it can be made recipes also with some kinds of groud, beancurd, or to make rice gruel.

Crispy Roasted Suckling Pig

This is usually served in Chinese wedding party, of course, you can purchase this in a Roasted Meat shop.

People generally only eat the crispy skin together with white sugar or sweet sauce, or with a thin bread and green onion (like the Beijing Roasted Duck)..

Same to Crispy Roasted Pork, the hands, head and bone-meat can be used as rice gruel recipes, and stir fry with gourd, doufu, beans, and so on.

BBQ Rib In Honey Sauce

This is a cuisine made same as BBQ Pork In Honey Sauce....taste good !!!!

Roasted Duck

This is a type usually made by Goose on the old days, because of its crispy skin and rich fat making very good smell ..... but now, goose becomes very expensive and less of supply, most of the shops selling ducks only. Of course, there are few shops still making Roasted Goose.

The roasted duck can be served directly with rice, or beer, or making some recipes with green-bean sprout, potherb vegether, bitter gourd, and rice gruel as well.

Don't forget the duck neck and head, so delicious.....

BBQ Mixed Meat In Honey Sauce

This is a wonderful cuisine that made of 3 sliced meat : pork, duck liver and lard. That the ingredients are usually drop-away things in a kitchen, however, Chinese chef make it becomes a very deliciou cuisine that in special Gungdong style food. It has a special name : Jing Qian Ji (Chicken Golden Corns), means that it is a high-classed food and cost expensive (psychologically).

It is complicated about the recipe and method making steps by steps by steps, so that, there are not usual available in the roasted meat shop in Guangdong and Hong Kong, just few small, old school shops held by oldman chef. If you can buy this in your living town, wow, goodness.


Beside the ones above mentioned, there are still many kind of Roasted and BBQ cuisine, such as chicken, baby pigeon.....


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