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Lard - Oil made by Fat pork.....

The ancient days without making oil from plants, this is one the major diet oil in China.

Nowaday we know that lard is not good to health, but Chinese people still love this using for their recipes. It is because, lard can lead out the best original taste and special character of ingredients, to make the dishes become more delicious and attractive.

To add half tablespoon lard to your cursine, you can feel the amazing difference.

Sometimes, just add 2-3 slices of fat-pork together with plant oil....

To produce lard .....

Slice or dice the fat pork in thickness 5mm, deep-fry fat pork to make oil. Dish up the fat pork during change to goldern and dry, pour the oil into a bottle after oil turn into cool, cover the lid then store by refrigerator and ready to use ( become solid and white colour ).

In Winter cold days, add half tablespoon of lard together with 2 tablespoon of light soy sauce into one bowl of hot rice, mix it well....wow....

After made lard, the dry crispy fat pork can make delicious soup noodle. To make soup with half tablespoon of chicken powder and salt, add in 4-5 slices of dry fat pork, cook 2-3 minutes then add in boiled Shanghai noodle and chopped spring onion.... Very good !!!

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