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Potherb Preserved Vegetable


These kind we name it Preserved Vegetable.....

In Fact, there are many Chinese potherb vegetable named in this kind .....

However, it's not easy to decribe these kinds in English, there are no offical words about.

The Pickled Mustard Tuber


This type potherb vetgetable is so porpular in Mainland China and all Chinese society. It's a product mainly from Sichuan that can be directly serve with noodle, rice and gruel. It's also can be stir fry with any kind of meat.

Salted Mustard


This kind has 2 styles, brown and green.....mainly used in Shanghai (Ze seires) recipes and Guangdong (HK) recipes, usually stir fry with pork, shredded BBQ duck or other green bean soy.

Dry Salted Cabbage

Major used in Kejia (Guangdong) style recipes, steam minced pork, steam fish, stewed pork, or sometimes stir fry with rice and minced pork.

Dry Tianjin Cabbage


This is uaually sold by a small fat clay bottle, and usually served directly with rice gruel or noodle. There recipes to steam ot to stir fry with beef, chicken meat, fish....

Dry Salty Turnip

This kind usually served as snack, soaked water 2 hours and chop into small dices then mix well with sesame oil, red pepper oil. There are also some recipes are good, such as, minced it then stir fry eggs with minced BBQ pork, sometimes stir fry these with rice.....

Sour Leaf Cabbage

This is so popular in Chinese cuisine. This have 2 type, sweet-sour and sour ones. It can be served directly with sesame oil as snack, or to stew fish, pork, or to stir fry with beef, chicken, pork....

The Preserved Olive Mustard

This is a Chaozhou style preserved vegetable, mixed minced olive and mustard, sold in bottle.

It looks ugly, but it is good, arnoma smell, nice salty taste, directly served with rice cruel, bread, or to stir fry minced pork and green  bean with fish sauce.


There are still have many kinds of potherb vegetable, seed, gourd, bamboo shoot.....

Mainly those potherb food are for snack, but sometimes will being an ingredients of cuisine....

I will try to learn more about these, and will update this page if I can find any others potherd recipes.


Please tell me, if you find any kind you are interested in.....

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