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Tools For Chinese Kitchen


The Chinese ketchen tools sometimes difference from the other country.

Here, I will try to get the information and explain the details to you, by my best.


The Kitchen Knife And Chopping Block

The Chinese kitchen knife is usually big and heavy, in a retangle shape....

Usually the handle knob of a Chinese kitchen knife is covered by wood-plate or rubber. It is powerful while you are chopping something ingredients with bones or shells. Of course, you can shred ingredients in very finely and tiny details with this knife, just as your experience and skill.

Together using with the Chinese kitchen kinfe, there is usually based by a wooden chopping block.

The advantage of wooden block is that, they are serving with a soft surface but very hard heavy body. While you are shredding something finely, you will not be skipped and having fingers hurt, on the other hand, you can chop something with bones inside or very hard shell with your big-hit-chop without any worry.


Chinese Wok

Chinese wok is one special kitchen tool created in old ancient ages.

The best design of its circle shape wok bottom is very convenience to stir fry, and also, its make heat more concentrate beyond the small area at the bottom that can save energy while stewing or cooking in low heat.

The wok usually made of raw iron, its in light grey colour but then become darker and darker. And now, most of the wok are made of stainless steel or with non-sticky-surface (Polytetrafluoroethene) which are more longer in using, and more convenience to clean.


Clay Pots

Chinese cuisines or rice usually to make and serve in a clay pot, that we say it as Hot Pot....

The food is still in very hot heat and boiling while they are put to serve onto the table....
Wow.....so great feeling good, fresh, delicious, especially in very cold weather.

Chinese people like to make stewed soup by a big clay pot, for hours boiling.....

Because the characteristics heat keeping of clay materials, Chinese like to make food with clay pot, especially to make hours-boiling soup. 


Steam Cases

Chinese recipes always using steam cases, especially the Guangdong Dim-sum.

Chinese steam cases are made of bamboo, because the strength and elastic characters of bamboo, and also the goodness of keep heat and easy cleaning, and the durablity. Bamboo steam cases are necessary tools of a Chinese Resturant kitchen, so many recipes are made by this tool, the big size...

Such as, steam fish, pawns, buns, rice, and so on.....so many many.....


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