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Chinese Main Food


Generally, we can divided the farming products of main food in China into 3 diets styles.

Those are, Rice in Southern and Eastern China, Wheat in Northern China and Sweet Corn in Middle, Northern, Western China.Because of their farming products, the people living in Southern China will have rice, congee or rice noodle as their main food, and who will have wheat made products like bun, dumpling, noodle, pancake in Northern China.

The populace who living on seaside and lakeside will have seafood or lake fishes as meals. Of course, people can have any food as they want nowaday.

There is a big difference about the diets taste between Northern and Southern China.

That is, the dishes made by Northern Chefs are in heavier taste and those are comparably light in Southern Chefs' recipes, sometimes, we say it is tasty as sweet and fresh in Southern Chinese food.

In the Northern and Western Provinces of China like Lingxia, hebei, Sichuan , Shenxi, and Yunnan, the diets are made in hot and spicy, because of the humid cold weather and high altitude, Chinese people wonder that to perspire is a good method for preventing diseases caused by humidity and cold.

This is offically divided the Chinese recipes into 8 series, those are :
Chuan (Sichuan), Yuet (Guangdong), Lu (Shandong), Min (Fujian), Ze (Zejiang), Xiang (Hunan), Hui (Anhui) and Su (Suzhou).

This is a serious question I do have, for so many years, that is, why Beijing cuisine doesn't being included in the traditional cuisines of Chinese ?

It's so famous all over China and all over the world !!!! Perhaps, suggest to change be 9 series....why not ????

There are still somekinds series : Muslim, Tibet, Mongolian, Yunan, Buddist.....

Oh well, by the way, we no need to clarify those very professionally, just know few about.

We just make some nice food in home styles, those we like, don't we ?  ^ ^

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